A change of slate

The Kogarah School of Arts is a delightful building located on the corner of Queens Avenue and Bowns Road, Kogarah. Now operating as a function centre, it is beautifully maintained by the Georges River Council. As part of their care for this building Council asked Hector Abrahams Architects to oversee the replacement of the building’s roof.

The roof is remarkable for its large number of different traditional materials – lead, copper, slate and zinc galvanised steel – it’s got them all. Work has just commenced on replacing the slates.
Slate roofs in NSW have traditionally used Penrhyn Welsh slate. When specifying for the work, we found that this usual source of slate was not available, and wouldn’t be for some considerable time. So, the roof is being tiled in Bugail slate. Also from Wales, this alternative material is slightly more grey than its Penrhyn cousin. Its qualities are the same, including the thickness of the tiles.

It is always a pleasure to work with councils who value and care for their buildings, and we are certainly enjoying working on the School of Arts with the Georges River Council.