A fresh interior for Chapel Hill Church

With a few simple changes, HAA’s Brianna Jessup transformed the dim interior of the old Presbyterian Church in Rozelle’s Darling Street.

The existing pendant lights (circa 1970) were upgraded with LED panel and reinstated. Uplights were added to wash the ceiling. Intrusive floodlights were removed, and two ceiling fans installed.

The most striking feature is the new plywood timber screen now installed in front of an existing glass screen. Inspiration for the screen came from the church’s original organ.

Architectural features and the dado rail are painted in a stone colour.

Used as a community centre from the early 1980s until 2015, the church was gutted of its original church furniture. The building is now home to a new congregation known as Chapel Hill Church. Fortunately, the font and memorial boards were rescued by the Balmain Presbyterian Church. These connections with the past are to be returned to the site.