A helicopter delivery

A project in construction on Sydney Harbour recently needed a helicopter to deliver five sets of sliding double-glazed doors to the site. The doors are part of an alteration and upgrade of a unit in Yarranabbe Gardens, an apartment block at Darling Point, East Sydney.

Because of the site’s inaccessibility, it took  time and effort on the part of our builders, Gartner Rose, to organise the delivery. The glass in the doors was crafted in Melbourne, and the doors themselves had to be transported via barge before being lifted by helicopter to the apartment. The air delivery took a mere twenty minutes, but the preparation needed before such an endeavour was extensive.

Whilst not common in Sydney, double-glazed doors are a smart inclusion for glassy modern housing as they substantially reduce the amount of heat, cold and glare entering the interior. Designed in the 1950s, Yarranabbe Gardens commands a vista of Sydney Harbour which at times can be uncomfortably dazzling – an ideal location for the climate control credentials of these new doors.