A Plan for Repairs

The most recent campaign in the annual stonework repair program at St Andrew’s College was undertaken over the university summer break. It was the 18th year of planned works within a 25 year program. This staged program was developed by Hector Abrahams and is overseen by HAA.

The program enables the college to manage the repair and conservation of its original building, built in 1876. Each year a specific section of the original building is addressed including stonework, chimneys, roofing and piping. Once again, this year’s work used traditional trades and skills which included

  • Repointing in lime
  • Epoxy repair
  • Copper smithing art
  • Tin soldering
  • New blocks of sparrow-pecked margined Sydney sandstone

Kris Krawczyk and his team from the Traditional Restoration Company skilfully made the repairs using new stone quarried from a building site in central Sydney.