At HAA we believe that old buildings have to be understood, kept well and made liveable and workable for people in today’s world. We design our additions and new buildings to engage seamlessly with their surroundings. We want our work to be enjoyed by the people using the buildings as homes, work places, worship spaces, or shared environments.

We embrace new approaches and ideas, at the same time remaining committed to using skilled trades people who understand and appreciate traditional methods and materials.

Client relationships are the key to achieving good outcomes and we aim to provide clients with beautiful spaces that are a pleasure to occupy. We believe that working collaboratively with clients and other professionals will achieve the best resolution for the relationship between existing structures and new developments.

HAA work with, in and around old buildings of all ages – from early colonial, Victorian, Edwardian, Federation, art deco, right up to buildings built only 20 years ago. We enjoy working with buildings of all sizes – small garden pavilions and apartments, inner city terrace houses, country homesteads, suburban villas, university colleges, churches and city office blocks. Our experience in the architecture of old places ranges from the repair, conservation or changes to existing buildings and environments to the addition of new buildings within an existing precinct.