Another award for Parramatta Park

Exciting news! The Your Parramatta Park 2030 Conservation Plan and Plan of Management received a Landscape Architecture Award in the recently announced National Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Awards.

HAA were part of a multi-disciplinary team put together by the Parramatta Park Trust. The team were asked to create a document that encompassed all aspects of park management. More importantly, the PPT wanted to ensure that the final report was accessible and approachable to the park’s users.

The award jury’s citation reads

Your Parramatta Park is about the future of green space for our growing cities. The significant site is a complex piece of open space that consists of remnant Cumberland Plain Woodland, the Parramatta River and its creeks, open grasslands, sporting fields and heritage structures. There is a sense of leadership and passion from the leading team at the Trust and this plan effectively balances the many themes and needs to bring them together harmoniously. The extensive understanding of site from a multitude of disciplines and cultures informs a rich, responding strategy. The plan provides the opportunity to preserve history and a platform for learning to manage the anticipated future needs. Your Parramatta Park is a beautifully presented document that has been well thought out to be accessible to a broad audience.

Main image © Parramatta Park Trust, other photos © Hector Abrahams Architects