The changing face of Reid House

Our long planned work on Reid House located in King Street in the Sydney CBD has commenced! Hector Abrahams Architects have designed a new entry foyer for the offices with a new awning and shopfronts at street level using a process of discovery, restoration and new design. Reid House is an 11 storey structure built originally as a warehouse and converted into offices in the 1920s. Its framing is timber, making it probably the oldest and one of the tallest timber framed structures in Sydney, if not Australia! The building process will take time, being restricted by working around office hours, so the finished product is some months away. In the meantime, ripping back the existing facades has revealed a host of interesting features, including the original stone front door frame. The peeling back of previous layers has exposed the original space, substantially raising the ceiling height and widening the passage to the lifts. The entrance, which is currently not easy to spot, will be more prominent to the street. Despite the temptation to highlight the warehouse origins by keeping the exposed bricks, the plan is to continue with our design for an elegantĀ  foyer appropriate for the businesses that occupy the building. We will keep you updated as the transformation occurs, changing Reid House from being a Cinderella into a princess (well, almost).