Georgian Revival in eastern Sydney

HAA have advised on the conservation of Buckhurst, an elegant apartment building in Sydney’s Point Piper which finishes a line of great architectural houses.

In 1928 the architects Wardell and Dennis conceived of the building as a mansion in the Georgian Revival style, carefully siting it at the end of a cluster of villas.¬†Buckhurst is in the first wave of eastern Sydney’s transition into stately apartment living.

This aerial view shows the house at the end of the line of its neighbours; Redleaf and St Brigids, Elaine, Fairwater and St Mervyns (since demolished)

This aerial view shows Buckhurst at the end of a line of its neighbours Redleaf and St Brigids; Elaine, Fairwater and St Mervyns (since demolished), c. 1950 (private collection).