Green Star accredited

Recognising that it is important to offer our clients the best advice for the sustainability of their buildings, both old and new, HAA now has a Green Star Accredited Professional.

Ben Slee already had expertise in sustainability, with 20 years’ experience designing award winning sustainable buildings. As well, Ben researched possible modifications to demountable classrooms in NSW to improve their environmental performance for his doctoral thesis. After attending the certification course run by Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), Ben is now able to claim the title Green Star Accredited Professional. HAA is also a member of the GBCA.

Ben’s credentials are not limited to existing structures; he co-authored the recent Guide to Low Carbon Commercial Buildings – New Build (November 2019). The guide was published by the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living at UNSW.

The GBCA oversees the Green Star rating systems for new and existing buildings, and seeks to encourage the building industry to go beyond the minimum standards set to meet sustainability and environmental objectives. They also offer training courses such as the one Ben has undertaken to equip building industry professionals, like architects, with the knowledge and expertise to guide projects through the Green Star certification process.