Leaded craftsmanship

The skill of the roofer was critical in the successful laying of a lead roof on HAA’s Glebe Point Villa. Uncommon in its usage, lead is a remarkably durable and watertight material that looks fabulous. After persuasion from Hector Abrahams, the owner and the builder agreed to this rarely used roofing material.

The roof in question is a small addition to a four storey villa located in the inner Sydney suburb of Glebe. Using the traditional method, 40lb lead sheets were laid loose and clipped – no nails or sealants were required. The skill of the roofer (KFC Roofing)  is revealed in the finishing of the ends and the joints of the lead pieces. Run off is carefully controlled, eliminating any risk of contamination.

The result is a roof which complements the original house in quality and style.