Nagle Library shortlisted in Heritage Awards

The Nagle Library at St John’s College has been shortlisted in the 2019 National Trust Heritage Awards. Hector Abrahams Architects reimagined the study centre and the Philosophical Room, the two rooms which make up the library, creating beautiful spaces that also meet the study requirements of the students.

The 1858 plan by William Wardell conceived an ideal college centred on its Chapel, Hall and Library set around a spectacular stone staircase. Centrally located with easy access and high visibility, the triad of grand spaces creates a trifecta of collegiate life – worship [spirit], communal meals [body], and learning [mind].

The Nagle Library is shortlisted in the Continuing Tradition category. A commitment to maintaining the original purpose of the rooms strongly influenced the concept of the new library. The previously under-utilised spaces are now a vibrant and busy focus of college life.

The National Trust awards will be announced on 10 May.

Images © Chris Shain/Images for Business

- Posted 1 year ago