Located in Sydney’s Inner West, All Saints Petersham occupies a complex site with multiple uses. Hector Abrahams Architects were commissioned by the church to develop a strategic management plan to assist the parish in its decision-making, now and in the future.

HAA focussed on enabling all members and groups involved with the church community to contribute to, engage with and be recognised in the plan. This was essential for the production of a plan which is robust and resilient to changes within and outside.

A collaborative consultation process allowed the various stakeholders to discuss three key issues: what are we doing, how are we doing it and where are we doing it. This enabled the church community identify and articulate the need to address how they manage and deliver their mission as a community, and how their buildings and physical infrastructure supports or hinders the delivery of that mission.

The completed plan helps the current and future leadership team of the church

  • Organise their management and people;
  • Identify small projects with a large impact for immediate implementation;
  • Larger projects with significant impact for the longer term;
  • Strategies to manage the maintenance of their buildings.

The client explains that

We have found to date that, though they bring considerable experience and expertise to the task, their primary concern has not been to impose their thinking and preferences on us, but instead to listen deeply and reflectively. Their manner and methods have demonstrated that they do not want to build a monument to their firm but are concerned to achieve our objectives and desires for the project. This hasn’t made them passive or unresponsive when they felt we were headed off track, but has meant that they have built trust and commitment from stake holders in the project that enables Hector Abrahams Architects to steer and guide when needed.

Ben Gray, Rector

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