Radio National Heritage Panel, Conference In New York

Hector is back from New York this week and has since joined a panel discussion on ABC Radio National.

He was joined on By Design by Graham Grammie and Chris Legge-Wilkinson to discuss what is meant by the term ‘heritage’ and why conservation is important.

The panel took place on Wednesday and will be aired again this Saturday 26th October at 9 am – but you can also listen to the program here.

Hector says that the APT‘s “Preserving the Metropolis” in New York was ‘a great conference’, where he was one of 7 Australians in a total of 800 attendees.

In addition to Manhattan, Hector visited the many boroughs of the city, and traveled interstate to Yale University in Connecticut and New Jersey.
Above: Bannerman’s castle on the Hudson River, © Tonia Abrahams 2013