St Stephen’s Newtown named one of Sydney’s best buildings

Architecture critic Elizabeth Farrelly has named St Stephen’s Newtown one of Sydney’s top 5 buildings.

Hector has a long standing position as the architect for Edmund Blacket’s Gothic Revival church, which Farrelly commends for maintaining a sense of “gloom and sacredness” which many churches have lost.

Hector prepared a Conservation Management Plan for the church, as well as contributing work to its spire, roof, stonework and stained glass.

St Stephen’s is also located inside Camperdown Cemetery, which is looked after by a Trust on which Hector serves. The Trust works to preserve the many artefacts of the graveyard through ventures such as the lime wash demonstration which happened as part of Heritage Week earlier this year.

The cemetery was consecrated in 1849 and functioned as Sydney’s primary Anglican cemetery in the middle decades of the 19th century. Together Camperdown Cemetery and St Stephen’s are of national significance.

Above: the stonemasons led by Jasper Swann (middle) atop the spire of St Stephen’s after replacing the finial stone. 

Image © Hector Abrahams 2010