A new lease on life for Stephenson’s Mill

Susan Hutton, an almost retired nurse and midwife, late of Summer Hill, first saw Stephenson’s Mill in Crookwell in 2017 while looking for a retirement dwelling. It captured her imagination and she bought it later that year. 

With the assistance of HAA and local engineer Neasha Jeffery the roof has recently been completely restored. The old beams have been retained, with new Black Butt beams installed between them. Steel plates and bolts now tie the whole structure together. New collar ties were installed – previously they had been removed. The new zinc galvanised steel roof is it’s crowning glory.

The property’s adaptation includes modern double-glazed rosewood windows, and draft proofing with boxed-in eves and fascia boards. The character of the building will be complemented by high-performance wood burning stoves from Europe and America.

Read more about the mill and Susan’s adaption project in the Crookwell Gazette.