Works at St Paul’s College

If one were to take a stroll about the University of Sydney’s Camperdown campus in its current state, you would inevitably stumble upon a chasm where St Paul’s College is currently conducting a land swap to make room for Australia’s first Institute for Nanoscience. It is one of the University’s latest initiatives and has required the assistance of a consultant team, of which HAA is one the principal players. Our role has included advising on heritage and conservation planning, in addition to designing the adaptation of buildings at St Paul’s College.

A major opportunity to improve the setting has come about through the renegotiation of the boundary with the University. The construction site reveals vistas that have not existed for many years, as the works involved the demolition of the 1960s Physics Annex. It has also opened up the east elevation of one of the major works of eminent architect Leslie Wilkinson, the University’s Physics Building, which has been opened up to new angles of viewing.